Stephoto 3phen is a freelance professional writer; a wordsmith for hire.

He is a graduate of the Professional Writing Program (2013-15) and the Creative Advertising Program (1991-93) at Algonquin College in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Within the Professional Writing Program he honed his research, writing and editing skills, and these complement more than 20 years of working in the field of Marketing, Advertising, and Communications.

In addition to these skills, Stephen worked as a Professional Photographer, running his own studio in Iqaluit, Nunavut, where he served both private and commercial clients. This mix of complementary skills and experience has prepared Stephen to work on a wide variety of writing projects.

Stephen has a love for creative writing, and is an aspiring novelist. He wishes to write for comic books and, while attending Algonquin College, engaged in a parallel course of self-directed study to learn as much as he could about the craft of comic book scripting.

Once Stephen has acquired more experience writing he plans to learn the art of scriptwriting with the aim of breaking into TV and film as additional media to tell stories in.

Stephen’s interests include reading and writing horror, reading superhero-themed comic books and watching superhero-themed TV shows including Constantine, CW’s Arrow, CW’s The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. For a long time he has enjoyed Star Trek, Star Wars, The X-Files, and Doctor Who. He also likes werewolves, zombies, cosplay, and roleplaying games (tabletop and LARP).

Stephen likes speculative history and the mysteries of ages past. These feed his interests in the voyages of Prince Henry Sinclair to North America, the Templar Knights, paranormal, supernatural and occult topics, as well as megalithic stone circles and labyrinths.

His causes of interest include: arts & culture, a fracking-free world (and the search for safe, new alternative energy sources), suicide prevention, and gender equality.

He lives with his lovely wife, Gwen, and their dog, Rosie, in both Ottawa, Ontario and Maitland, East Hants County, Nova Scotia. He has two great step-children whom he absolutely loves.

To check out Stephen’s professional resume, visit his LinkedIn Profile.
You can also Like him on Facebook, and on Follow him on Twitter.


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