The Hydra in Hydraulic Fracturing

Back in 2014, the Nova Scotia Hydraulic Fracturing Review Panel (HFRP), was accepting submissions from the public in their examination of the issue of hydraulic fracturing. While attending the Professional Writing Program at Algonquin College, I had been researching the topic in preparation for writing a Major Project on the issue in my second year.

I prepared a 16-page, multidisciplinary paper called, “The Hydra in Hydraulic Fracturing,” in which I outlined the threats that fracking presented in four major spheres of life: risks to the environment, to the health of local residents and Nova Scotians, to public infrastructure, personal property, property values; all which affect quality of life.

I chose to cover the many risks my research brought to light to ensure there was at least one paper that gathered all those elements together so that the enormity of the situation was made clear. Even so, it wasn’t an all-inclusive document as other people prepared reports that highlighted a number of issues that were Nova Scotia-specific in their scope. There were also issues related to indigenous rights and treaties that fell into this category.

Sadly, there were many aspects of the argument against fracking that weren’t picked up and discussed in the HFRP’s final report, other than to mention that the people who submitted to the panel were well-read and well-informed. The submissions, including my report, were all hosted on the Cape Breton University website, in a section dedicated to the study, for public reference.

You may review the document by clicking the following link to view the PDF:
140430v1.1 LoweStephen_TheHydraInHydraulicFracturing


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