Friday, September 9, 2016

Welcome to my website, Stephen Lowe, Wordsmith.

This has been a busy year for me, and my wife Gwen. We’ve been working on Gallery 215, a small art gallery in Selma, Nova Scotia, close to our summer home, Maitland. It’s been a busy time and a challenge, and I’ve been able to use all my skills – from marketing, advertising, and communications, to professional writing, photography, customer service, and retail sales. The next phase of my year will see me running a Games Workshop Hobby Centre in Ottawa.

The one consistent thing that weaves through these activities is that they all involve forms of storytelling. In the case of the gallery there is the story of the historic building, of the artists and their art. In the case of Games Workshop there are the stories associated with the games they sell. I am a storyteller. And I have more stories to tell, tales of speculative fiction to write, worlds to explore, and I will be working on creating them in the days to come, outside of work hours.

As you check out this website, you’ll find some pages remain devoid of content. When things settle out in October, I plan to work to finish this site.

For samples of my writing you may now hover your arrow/cursor over the Portfolio of Writing tab and a pop-up menu of categories will appear. There is at least one sample per category for your review and/or enjoyment.

Please feel free to comment on the things you read, and Follow me so you can keep up to date on my projects and writing.

Best wishes,



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